Who we are?

At AVLA, we license rights-holders’ works, collect royalties and, in turn, distribute revenues to them. As a CMO, we are strictly regulated and under strong public scrutiny.

Operators of hotels, hostels, B&Bs, guesthouses and other establishments offering paid-for temporary accommodation (which, for simplicity in this website, we often refer to as “hotels”) derive value and benefit from offering TV channels to their guests. The rights-holders involved in creating the audiovisual works shown on these channels are entitled to be paid for their effort. This is where we come in: we are mandated by the rights-holders we represent – producers, screenwriters, actors and more – to collect the royalties they are owed via the AVLA licence, and to distribute the revenues to them.

AVLA was founded to act as a non-profit facilitator between tens of thousands of rights-holders and the UK hospitality sector. We offer:

  • a clear, unified and transparent solution for providers of paid-for temporary accommodation
  • a comprehensive licence covering by far the largest catalogue of audiovisual works, as well as the rights of multiple categories of rights-holders
  • a single point of contact that reduces the burden for customers
  • a user-friendly approach and an easy licensing procedure.

AVLA acts as a non-profit intermediary to facilitate the clearing of rights. Without us, it would be impossible to connect hospitality establishments with the tens of thousands of rights-holders we represent.

Our Members