Putting customers first

AVLA strives to apply a user-friendly commercial policy and fair tariffs that guarantee an adequate remuneration for the rightsholders without unduly burdening hospitality sector operators.

Because transparency and fairness are fundamental values for AVLA, we set our tariffs – which are published on our website – using simple, objective and non-discriminatory criteria, such as number of rooms and size of public areas. This approach is intended to make our pricing scheme practical and easy to understand.

Our model is also designed to be flexible, accommodating the needs and characteristics of businesses of all shapes and sizes – from a small coastal guesthouse open just a few months a year to a multinational chain of hotels operating in big cities all year round. In addition, AVLA offers various discounts and concessions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay less if my guesthouse only has TVs in the bedrooms?

Yes. The AVLA licence is very simple. There are two separate options, and you can select either or both depending on where audiovisual content is broadcast in your establishment. So, for instance, if you only have TVs or screens in your bedrooms, you should indicate the number of rooms and specify that there are no TVs or screens in public areas. Once you have provided some other basic information, your licence fee will be calculated, taking into account any discounts and concessions that might apply.


Can I find out what the AVLA licence would cost me?

The AVLA licence is based on a few simple and objective criteria: the number of bedrooms and public areas with TVs or screens, and the number of months of operation per year. Discounts and concessions will be applied automatically.

You can enter the relevant information and the system will show how much the licence would cost you, including any applicable discounts. It takes less than two minutes to get your result, and there is no commitment to buy the licence. The information you enter will not be stored unless you decide to proceed.

How has AVLA set its fees?

We have set our tariffs after extensive analysis, taking into consideration numerous factors and the views of external experts to ensure they are fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory. Our aim is to guarantee a correct remuneration for rights-holders without unduly burdening operators.

At AVLA, we firmly believe in building a positive and collaborative relationship with the hospitality sector. Our tariffs are specifically designed to be simple, accessible, easy to understand and transparent. To avoid confusion, we apply similar criteria to those currently used by other UK licensors (such as number of bedrooms). We also offer various cumulative discounts.

Why does AVLA charge higher standard tariffs than other licensors?

Our tariffs might appear to be higher at first glance, but this impression could well be misleading. It is important to consider the following factors:

  • We have by far the largest repertoire, comprising rights for various categories of rights-holders. As a result, the AVLA licence gives you much more comprehensive coverage.
  • We apply a simple, flexible commercial policy with no hidden costs. For instance, we only charge for the exact number of bedrooms with TVs or screens (as opposed to blocks of rooms), and only for the months your establishment is actually open (if open for two months of the year, for example, you only pay the licence fee for those months). This concession makes a big difference for establishments that cater to seasonal trade. We also offer several cumulative discounts, including significant reductions for small businesses.

When you look at the final cost of the AVLA licence and what it encompasses, you will likely find that it ends up being more cost-effective than you thought.